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Best Domain providers

Compare & Find the Right One For You!

Domain providers are companies that help you register and manage your domain name(s). Many provide DNS and privacy services too.

You will want to make sure the provider you choose is legitimate and secure to avoid potential hackers and run into legal issues. This includes checking to see if they are ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) or similar accreditation. We recommend using well-known vendors, like those listed here, and to stay away from less professional sites.

Once you identify what your domain name should be for your website, a domain provider can help you check and see if that name is available. If it is, then that company will give you permission through ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to purchase it. You will want to make sure you pick a name that is brief, easy to remember, spell, and resonates with your company or brand.

You can purchase as many domain names as you like, but to keep costs low, it is best to choose one that you will not want to change anytime soon. Once you select a domain name, it plays a unique identity for your business on the internet.

There are a variety of different top-level domains out there from .ac to .zippo, which includes the familiar .com and other common domains. Most people who do not work in tech are not as familiar with the other options and are typically more likely to remember the more popular .com domain over any other choice. For example, .io domains are mostly used by tech companies and startups and can even be popular with other types of businesses due to the greater availability of domain names than the commonly used .com option. You will need to find something that is easy for your visitors to remember.