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Best Website Builders

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Website builders are an excellent tool for small businesses and anyone who wants to create and manage their website without hiring a third party.

If you’re looking to build a website for your brand or business, it can seem challenging and even daunting to know where to begin. It used to be difficult to build websites, and the job was typically left up to software engineers, and other people who had to know how to code. Small companies that did not have an expansive I.T. department would outsource a professional website builder to build their site, paying a large fee for it and often having to communicate every small change with them.

Luckily, this is no longer the case. With today’s modern technology and the demand for an easier way to build and manage websites, anyone can handle this on their own with some time, effort, and most importantly, research. is dedicated to hand-delivering the most trusted web information out there directly to you, so you can be armed with a toolkit of knowledge to get started on your path to building and growing your customer base with a solid website.

Ready to get started? Chances are, you have already looked up tools for website builders and have seen several different options, all looking similar in their features and pricing. This is not always the case, as all website builders are different. We went ahead and tested a wide variety of website builders, conducted thorough research, and came up with a master list of the top 10 website builders we recommend using in 2020.

In order to make sure you get the best bang for your buck as well as the most professional, highly productive site possible, we will do a deep dive of each website builder in our top 10 list based on functionality, features, pros and cons, pricing and more.

GoDaddy Website Review
As of June 2020, GoDaddy was reported to have more than 20 million customers and over 7,000 employees worldwide. It is a well-established internet domain registrar and web hosting company that acts as an all-in-one kit for hosting, domain registration, email, Microsoft 365, website security, e-comme...

  1. SEO Wizard helps users set up the basic elements of enhanced visibility (indexing) in Google
  2. Create professional business emails to match your domain and business name
  3. Shared online calendars and syncing across devices
  4. Microsoft Office 365 integrations
  5. Online bookkeeping
WordPress Website Review
WordPress is an advanced CMS (content management system) and website builder that can help you build a website you want in a flexible, functional manner. WordPress powers 36% of the internet and is generally considered suitable for blogs and more advanced website builders. This is one of the reasons...

  1. Hosting services
  2. 24/7 support in a premium subscription
  3. Can connect to over 2000+ applications
  4. Pre-installed plugins
  5. Over 200 themes/templates to choose from
SITE123 Website Builder Review
SITE123 is one widely considered the easiest website builder for 2020, giving it an edge over competitors with more advanced interfaces. It helps users build responsive websites with built-in SEO tools that will help you promote your website and brand. This is great for freelancers, first-time websi...

  1. Multilingual support (over 20 languages)
  2. Live chat customer support
  3. Simple interface and guided step-by-step setup
  4. Several third-party website integrations
  5. E-commerce website building features available
Strikingly Website Review
Strikingly is another great option as a website builder, as it allows for anyone (with little or no web development experience) to create mobile optimized websites within minutes. The free platform was created for individuals and small businesses, as well as any professional looking to create an onl...

  1. Simple blogging – each post gets its own page
  2. Domain registration
  3. Built-in analytics to see who has been visiting your website, how your visitors are engaging with your site, and more.
  4. Sign up and contact forms for easy customer feedback
  5. Built-in HTTPS automatically, for free
The integrated e-commerce platform in Jimdo allows users to start a small or mid-sized online store with their system. You do not need to have coding skills as this website builder gives users access to eCommerce templates and advanced design customization tools for getting a distinct result.
  1. Easy-to-track statistics
  2. Professional domains
  3. Templates designed for any industry
  4. Online store
  5. Gold standard security protected by HTTPS encryption
Wix Website Review
Wix is a company that provides cloud-based web development services. It features a drag-and-drop functionality that makes it simple for anyone to build and manage their website from the ground up (with zero coding experience). According to Wix’s website, ...

  1. Professional logo builder
  2. Sell your services with Wix Bookings and Wix’s Paid Plans app
  3. Tracking tools and analytics
  4. Wix Restaurants – allow customers to book tables in your restaurant, order takeout, and check out new items on your menu.
  5. Hassle-free customer support
Weebly Website Review
Weebly is a website builder and an especially useful toolkit for running a successful website or blog. Weebly currently hosts over 50 million websites and boasts a wide variety of website development features, from easy-to-use editing tools to advanced SEO capabilities. Square, a company co-founded ...

  1. Online Store: Weebly’s online store feature allows users to design a unique online store with a customizable theme for showcasing their products. With this feature, they can quickly launch and grow their online store.
  2. Robust Content Management System: Weebly is a strong CMS (content management system), capable of easily supporting large websites that have more than 150 pages.
  3. Responsive Themes: The themes available in Weebly are stylish and responsive, with the ability to adapt themselves to the screen size of various desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  4. Better Customization: The clever page template system in Weebly can be further customized by users as per their respective needs.
  5. Extra Functionality: With the help of its app centre, Weebly users can add a variety of extra functionality tools developed by Weebly and third parties.
Squarespace Website Review
Another great website builder option is Squarespace, which has a far better blogging tool than almost all its competitors. They market themselves as the number one option for blogs, portfolio sites, online stores, and small businesses. Similar to the above-mentioned website builders Wix and Weebly, ...

  1. Blogging: The sophisticated blogging feature in this website builder is unmatched to the blogging features available in other website builders.
  2. Enhanced SEO: Squarespace allows you to customize titles and descriptions of your site’s pages and optimize other SEO-related aspects of your site.
  3. Ease of Use: Squarespace has great editing features including sections within templates, a way to build a page via pre-made content blocks instead of starting from scratch. However, they did not always have sections on their website, a recently added feature for them that their competitors had long before they did.
  4. 100+ website templates
  5. Unlimited bandwidth storage
Now that we have gone over a comprehensive list of our top picks of website builders for 2020, it is ultimately up to you to use this information and decide what type of builder works best for you, your business, and/or your personal brand.
Besides just considering functionality, top features, pricing, pros and cons, numerous other factors come into play before proceeding in choosing a website builder. Some other factors to consider before deciding which website builder to choose includes:

Budget: Usually, this is the main reason why many people opt to use website builders. Not everyone or business can afford custom development, along with monthly hosting and maintenance fees. Make sure you carefully choose the platform that best helps you avoid a funding burnout.

Functionality and performance: This is yet another important factor. If your business is much more developed or needs high computing power, you may need to go with a platform like WordPress. However, if your site is just simple, any platform can do.

Technical Knowledge: How well you understand technology concepts such as coding, cloud computing or web hosting directly affects the website builder you choose. For instance, a site like GoDaddy is good for people with no coding skills, while WordPress is for the tech geeks.

We hope this list was helpful and will be useful in creating your custom website, increasing engagement with your target audience, and further growing your business. We will continuously update this list if we feel any changes need to be made.